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  1. While listening to this I got flash backs of being in 4th grade.....I really liked that game especially the hedge maze level....With jason running around witha chainsaw.....Now that music was the real classic behind that game.....One of my favorite levels....And my favorite game.....this remix was ok and it did have a cool intro but it only had 2 out of many other tunes in the game....If you had added that chainsaw level music with chainsaws in the bcakround it would of been awesome...Even the mall music is cool...But the remix of the 2 songs in a more intrumental format was better than the games techno sounds... I have been hopeing for a mix for this game in a long time...... And I hope lucasarts make a remake of the classic in a 3d form or maybe keep it a classic side scroller.... It would sell well....No other game has that way of playing like that....Walking around saving your neighbors from zombies, mummies, dracula, a mad scientist, waith a water gun, soda ect.
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