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  1. Awesome! I'll be listening! The professionalism is beyond words.
  2. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. Gerudo mixes always come a point of strength with that fantastic source, but I like the way this track is put together. This is one of those takes that sounds like how I remember the original sounding, becoming the new "source", in my mind, so to speak. The whistling is fun, the guitar sounds great and it all just feels right. I remember blaring my TV to play this song on the N64 and then blaring my car radio for this version. I tend to think of the film Desperado while listening to this mix and I hope that comes across as the compliment it's meant to be!
  3. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. The beginning of this mix always gets me. It's nothing complicated, just simple piano with some ambient effects added in, but it's continued to send shivers down my spine after all these years. I don't know if this is the "saddest" version of Terra's theme on the site, but it elicits that feeling for me more than any other. The change at 2:24 makes the track a bit creepier, one that used to remind me of Batman Returns but now evokes the Bastion soundtrack, in my mind. This track easily captures the death on snowfield atmosphere the title talks about and, for my money, is one of AmIEvil's most evocative tracks.
  4. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but I've always liked how smooth and relaxing this track is, from start to finish. It's such an easy song to pick as your first song of a long night of listening. The 1-1 track from the first Mario game is one that lends itself to jazz easily, but this one is just so successful in it's intention, you could easily fit this into a smokey lounge and not bat an eye (aside from all the smokey getting in your eyes). This is one of those mixes that doesn't break the mold but fits into it so perfectly.
  5. I love my SNES Mini but Sega is showing them up in a big way with just the game count. I was never a Sega kid but this is awfully tempting.
  6. It's funny, because it's obviously IS a video game movie, but part of me can't help but think Pokemon is bigger than that. I mean, a lot of the movie felt like an adaptation of the cartoon, and there are people who love Pokemon without ever playing one of the games, let alone Detective Pikachu. Again, it most certainly is a video game movie, but it's also just so entwined in pop culture I'm sure a lot of people seeing might not even know that.
  7. Things are looking pretty sweet!
  8. I listen to a podcast called Sound of Play, part of the Cane and Rinse network. It's a video game music podcast I quite enjoy and they tend to get video game composers on for interviews. I actually was pushed over to buy Fell Seal because they just interviewed the composer for the game. I guess he contacted them to be on the show, which they say they love. I know a lot of the mixers here compose for games and other things on the regular, so I thought I'd point this out. https://caneandrinse.com/category/sound-of-play/
  9. That's one I've never seen! But it's on the list for sure!
  10. I've started a new podcast called Three Nice Things. Each episode, we watch a movie with a bad reputation and have to come up with three nice things to say about it. I'm sharing this here because our first episode is about the Super Mario Bros. movie. We already have the Doom movie on the list, but I'm sure more video game movies will make the cut too. https://radiomeanwhile.com/three-nice-things/
  11. Did anyone ever get one of those 1Up arcade machines? Between those and now this, people seem excited for the classic arcade feel of it all.
  12. $87 of recycled cans!? That's a story that deserves respect!
  13. My memory is a bit shaky on this, but I think it's Dino Park Tycoon. This would have been in like, 4th or 5th grade? It was paper route money and I had to have the computer teacher actually order it because it was hard to find outside of school catalogs. My first big purchase was Pokemon Stadium. I had to convince my brother to pool our allowances together for about a month in advance to afford it, but it worked out!
  14. I love this, might be my favorite track on the whole album (which is excellent all the way through). It reminds me of "A Real Hero" by College (feat. Electric Youth), from the movie Drive. It's just such a strong result of an obviously clear vision.
  15. Been a long time since I had a video game themed video to share on these forums! So, here's a dumb thing I made today!