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  1. This was always one of my favorite tracks in the game and I'm glad to see someone has tackled it here. Unfortunately, I too find the mix a little too repetitive. Perhaps my issue with it is that my favorite part of the original version was the awesome chord progression that appears at about 2:50 into the piece, while this remix focuses mostly on the intro riff instead. Still, not a bad job overall.
  2. That's not a MIDI rip... there was no MIDI in the Myst games - it was all prerecorded CD audio. This guy played the parts himself and did his own arrangement. It's not all that spectacular, but it's a decent effort. I'm not thrilled with the patch choices... it's a very 80s sounding mix and pretty dry... but he does some interested things with combining the themes. Anyway, I may take up the challenge and do something. I have the soundtrack CDs for all the games and have always dug the music - particularly the stuff from Riven.
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