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  1. Sweet, I got it to work. It pays reading instructions VERY SLOWLY. God, I'm a slow learner...
  2. Why can't I freaking see my own sig?! It worked before! And it just reverts back to the broken link image! NNARGH!
  3. Usually I'm open-minded about songs, and I am. This piece was done nicely, I might say. It had some nice rythm and beats in it. The only thing I didn't like was the vocals. It was just.. outlandish... I too, thought it was my speakers were messing up. Well.. instead of picking on your vocals, I think it's good. Although.. the tone was a tiny bit similar to DJTerra's Zero Ultimate Warrior remix. I dunno.. this is just me. Someone slap me with a trout now.
  4. So when I was listening to this remix I was thinking, "That's a lotta drum beats!" This remix is pretty cool, actually, even though the original piece was like a techno-rave-madness music. I liked how it was a bit of classical, techno, and a bit of rock thrown into the music. BUT I was expecting more of a hard rock theme toward Zero. Since.. in Megaman X4, everytime I played Zero, I would hold down the dash button and jump and attack everything that moves. So to wrap it up. It's good.
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