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  1. I like this mix!. Sure it's different from his others, but it's very nicely put together. I love the drums in the beginning into the baseline. Oh yea. This song is going about on an angle that not everyone is use to or ready for, i think. Still a hot track. Thumbs up! Keep it up!
  2. Yea, this mix is hot! I like the way it changes into the piano and back again. Very nice! Hot beat, makes me wanna go to the island and mess with some jamaican women lol. But overall, very well put together piece. Oh, and nice ending. I see you chose not to fade out. Niiiiiice! I don't think there will be any complaints about that at all. "Anyone that hates on this will be shot as Dawn". Hot Shizzle kid. Keep it up!
  3. I've played a little of CC but i've heared more of the music than anything. This track is super sweet. It's just a very well composed piece with an extremely a nicely drawn out mix. This one's goin on my mp3 player for a long time. Keep it up Star! I envy your work!
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