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  1. Hey Zas,

    This old link ( seems to be dead. Is there any other way I can download this mix of yours?



  2. Interesting... so you're suggesting kind of a "rail camera" approach? I think I like the idea. Sonic definitely needs something special from the camera if its going to succeed in 3D.
  3. Seems like its worth a try... but explain this "'scene' kind of experience" more, please.
  4. Forsaken 64! I can't even remember why I ever ended up playing that game for the first time... but I ended up getting hours of multiplayer fun out of it.
  5. As a lover of the Genesis era Sonic games, I'd like to pitch my two cents in. What made the original Sonic games spawn legions of fans? I think it was a couple of things: 1. The best of 2D gameplay, almost perfectly melding platform challenges with a sense of speed that made the game feel modern. 2. Atmospheric fantasy worlds complete with lush backgrounds and moody music. 3. A cool protagonist and supporting cast. So, where have we gone wrong in regards to each of these? 1. As many have documented, the 3D transition has not gone well for Sonic. I have heard many of you say there is a way to make it work. Is there, though? I'm not sure the combination of speed and platforming can successfully translate to 3D because suddenly the options are far too many. As someone said earlier, you race along and fall into a pit of spikes that come out of nowhere. I know my experience with the XBox 360 demo was frustrating in this way. I was ready to quit after 30 seconds. My conclusion is that the combo of speed and platforming is best achieved in 2D. 2. What made the Green Hill Zone and the Ice Cap Zone and countless others memorable has been lost in generic worlds. The fantasy element has been reduced and thus the series has lost some of its imagination. 3. As noted elsewhere in this thread, the cast is too large and the voice acting only goes too diminish the characters. After all, Sonic's quest always sounds much more silly when he has to verbally build a case for saving cute woodland creature by collecting gems, etc. Plus, the voice takes away the universiality of the character that Nintendo is always trying to protect with Link. So... what to be done about it? Tell me, who wouldn't enjoy seeing Sonic return to 2D? Don't remake old games, but go back to that formula of exotic worlds with sweet 2D sidescrolling game play. The worlds could look rediculously lush on today's systems and the gameplay could return to what made the series so enjoyable. Let Rainbow Six and Gears of War provide the 3D glitz... but take Sonic back to 2D and pimp out the levels of an obscenely long sidescroller. People would flock to it as they flock to the collected editions. Seriously, is there anyone who wouldn't enjoy it that way?