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  1. Wow... I thought this remix is amazing, never heard anything like it. It's defenetly part of my favorites. I thought that every instrument here, blended in with one another and matched. It kind of sounds like it starts to get repetitive, but then a new instrument just pops in. So, it's very cool.
  2. I like this remix, it's fun and has a catchy tune. I've played this game before I think, but don't remember this song or anything like it. It's not too complicated, but it got its parts. I can't get tired of it .
  3. I liked it. I really did. It's short and sweet! Really nice.
  4. This has a very catchy-tune, I like it. I have to like a remix A LOT for me to download it, and this was one of them. Great job! Now this is some good stuff.
  5. I have listened to the original song before, and there's a big change here. Personnaly, I loved it. The original's already kind of creepy on its own, and this one follows it with a more rock n roll typish. Very nice I have to say.
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