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  1. Hey all, another noob here (actually an old-timer but I haven't been around lately). Thought I'd share a little mix I've been working on lately. Basically, a dance/techno mash-up of various themes from Zelda MM and OoT. I won't get into too much detail because it's still very much a WIP, but some general feedback and criticism would be very helpful. Thanks! Click here to listen to majora_3.mp3
  2. It's ok. I wasn't my best yesterday either...but I'll be sure to spend more time here before I get another purchase--I was just growing really tired of the demo version.
  3. Alright, I picked up sfz--but I'll have to try it out when I have time. Also, I'm well aware of the problems with the Express version. I mean to update to a better version of FL anyway; I just never knew how soon that would be. And I haven't had much time to examine all the pages in this thread.
  4. GRRRRRR............ speaking of plugins, I just got my copy of FL Studio Express today, and the minute I try to save any progress it all gets erased for exactly the same reason. So now I can't use any soundfonts whatsoever unless I buy the "add-on"--why is it so expensive, anyway?? And then I realize the piano roll's gone order to get it back I need to buy the "Edition" version or whatever. I also need Sytrus and the DX10. This means, even if I upgrade, it'll cost more than twice what I payed for the first freakin' download. Which sucks. 'Cause I'm tired of bugging my parents for their credit card info...grrrrr...and it's really annoying to explain why, after I've purchased the program, I suddenly need to buy all this extra crap. Ok, end rant. I'm just really pissed, because I've been waiting for the download email to arrive all week only to find out it was pretty much a waste. I'm not made of cash!
  5. Ok, I know you guys will hate me for this, 'cause the question's been asked a trillion times, but I'm sorta in a hurry here and I haven't found any solutions yet. I write most of my MIDI tracks in Sibelius, but when I import them to FL I can't hear a thing. I've tried messing around with things, but I'm at a loss. I used Cubase for a couple months before I got my new PC (Cubase is gone), but since last year I've forgotten a whole lot about anything, and though Fruityloops is similar, I'm not having any luck with getting any sound (I can already hear you guys laughing at me). Basically, nearly everything I knew a little over a year ago has simply been erased from my mind. I suspect it has something to do with the type of MIDI files Sibelius uses, but there's no way I can tell. Anyone gracious enough to help? Once I get past this (no doubt simple) problem, I'm sure I'll get right back to what I was doing last year. Just now I be confuzzled.
  6. Excellent song. To tell the truth, I really can't say anything bad about it.