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  1. This mix enters my favorite collections : it is a pure jewel. The perfect bass sound makes me dance. The voice effects introduce -surprisingly??- a lot of emotion. Thanks for that.
  2. An important work, and a lot of good work, is this remix. Interessing variations of one theme, in my opinion. It goes into my favorite OCRemixes collection. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments.
  4. http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=0 This is a new original tune of mines (MP3), and I would like your opinion about it. Thanks. Any remark is welcome. Featuring: Jean-Pierre Raffarin (formerly Prime Minister of France) and Jacques Chirac (formerly President of France). Lyrics (original citations): "Win, the yes needs the no to win, again(st) the no." "What do you want ? Me to go back to my plane, and go back to France ? Is that what you want ?"
  5. This song must really be fascinating: I can not say I love it (arp too loud, loopish drums...), but I can not stop listening to it !
  6. Nice work on the intro. For me, it is a bit long, since I consider it ends @1:16. The orchestral and synths sounds work well together. The bass is a pure jewel, from @1:42 to @2:10 and from @2:25 to @2:39 (I'd like it much much louder...) Thanks.
  7. Proposed final version of the remix: http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=3 Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  8. A proposed final version of the remix: http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=3 Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  9. New state of the remix WIP: http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=2 I still need to work on intro, end, and mixing. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  10. Previous state of the remix WIP: http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=1 Thanks for your comments.
  11. This an old C64 game called "Rescue on Fractalus!" remix. Early WIP http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=0 V2 (19th Oct): http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=1 V3 (31st Oct): http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=2 Newest and possible final version (15th Nov): http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=3 Thanks for feedback, comments and suggestions.
  12. The mix of the asian instruments and electro stuff is a real success. Can't stop listening thix mix in the parisian subway, imagining i was a ninja.
  13. The filtered synths gives the mix an nice funky groove. Crazy breaks are a true success, specially around the 2:00/2:30 time-part.
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