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  1. Phantasy Star III 'Legacy' When there is an arrangement from Phantasy Star 3, this is the track that usually gets the attention. But that's because most people never get past the title screen, which this theme is based on. There is lots of other good music in PS3, don't get me wrong. Anyway djp has taken the title theme and made it sound like it would have if it ever came out for the Sega CD (re: nice and clean). Considering that this is one of djp's early efforts, it does impress. I'd love to see what he could do with this tune on his current hardware/software setup.
  2. So I've been away from the site for a while (see this post) and now I'm here to share a short piece I recently managed to finish to satisfaction. It is called Theme from a Dream and features the piano, cello, viola and two flutes for a brief but beautiful run through a theme that I came up with after waking up from a dream a long time ago. Many, many years ago I had this dream with a very moving, adventure game-esque quality to it. Think Zelda. When I woke up from it I was sad that the story was over. As I tried to re-play the dream and add to the story in my head I came up with this theme that has stuck with me ever since. I am thrilled to have finally put it to music after maybe two decades! A second part is still in the making. That'll be more epic, movie-soundtrack like in 6/8 time. Find the finished version here: https://metapop.com/blooming-late/tracks/theme-from-a-dream-part-i/269406 I've also used it as background music in this recent video, featuring my latest Fall/Autumn pictures. The video is dedicated to the memory of my late grandfather, who died last month after a long battle against cancer. Unfortunately I was not able to show him the pictures before his death... Enjoy the music and the pictures! --René
  3. This is my recreation of the Save Room Theme (Rest) from Resident Evil 0. In this i made 3 different "scenarios" of the melody.
  4. Street Fighter II 'Tatsumakisenputronic' Awesome electronic sounds and it’s just the right length if you’re a fan of techno. I love the mood that is set by the chords and piano in the beginning that carries right into the high energy techno beats. The voice samples add an emphasis of power and strength that reflects the attitude of the game. An excellent mix DJ StarBLaSt, and well worth the download.
  5. This is my cover and tribute to one of my favorite games of all time, Resident Evil 2 (1998). Inspried by the Resident Evil Orchestra Album and with a few new things added.
  6. This is my trance arrangement of "Bridge Zone". I called it "Trance-Cap" because the ReMix is a bit like "IceCap" from Sonic 3. Also, strings on background are from Marble Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog). Please rate the ReMix and point out any shortcomings. Artist name: 12x_waver ReMix name: Trance-Cap Primary game: Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear ver.) Source: Bridge Zone, Marble Zone (cameo) Download FLAC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C33JZTqzDHoHyuZika4eEniidisUCnBy/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. Hello I'd like to share a piece I first created in 2016 and just finished polishing up. I vaguely recall posting the first MIDI version but couldn't find the post, so I'm making a new one. This time I'm using recorded piano bits so you no longer have to suffer through MIDI hammering! Here's part of the description from the Sound Cloud page: I envisioned this piece to go with a short story involving a young woman and her soldier boyfriend. Part 1: A train arrives at a train station where the young lady is waiting. She's hoping to find her boyfriend on the train, seeing how rumor has it that he was wounded and is on his way to another station. Part 2-3: The crowd is making it difficult for the woman to find the man, but finally their eyes meet and a hasty conversation takes place. There is exchanging of gifts, but the man can hardly utter a word to his chatty girl. The train is only there for a brief moment before it starts moving again. She has to step aside to make room for new passengers, abruptly ending the conversation. As the train leaves off, she chases it down the platform as best she can, until it is out of reach and out of sight. Part 4: Saddened, she holds onto a letter that her boyfriend managed to give her before departure. Upon reading it she learns that he will soon return home to her. His time to serve is over. Then they can start planning their future together at last. https://soundcloud.com/user-227517766/04-arrivaldeparture-rene-mulder I recently invested in a new Strings library but for the life of me I cannot get it to NOT sound lame (yet). For this piece I resorted back to the initial free sample thing I used in 2016 which actually captures the mood I'm looking for perfectly. What do you think? Can you see the story unfolding as you're listening?
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