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  1. http://gjandot.free.fr/php/tunes.php?num=0

    This is a new original tune of mines (MP3),

    and I would like your opinion about it. Thanks.

    Any remark is welcome.

    Featuring: Jean-Pierre Raffarin (formerly Prime Minister of France)

    and Jacques Chirac (formerly President of France).

    Lyrics (original citations):

    "Win, the yes needs the no to win, again(st) the no."

    "What do you want ? Me to go back to my plane, and go back to France ? Is that what you want ?"

  2. A-Good intro. The piano is not the one nice element here.

    B-Good part 1. The piano is still there, with an excellent rythm section.

    C-Good part2. The piano is gone, but the the rythm section makes me dance, now, and pump up the volume.

    D-Good part3. The lead sound is OK.

    E-short ending: alright!

    A+B+C+D+E=nice work! This mix is entering my favorite collection. Thanks!

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