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  1. Part1 (beginning to 3:06):

    Good groove (bass, rhodes, and rythm),

    excellent synth and even better piano!

    I also like the beat break @2:11,


    I really do not like the intro (30 first seconds);

    I'm sorry, I can not stand the voice there.

    Part 2 (3:06 to 4:14):

    excellent Kratfwerk-like arrangement with

    original and perfect vocoder.

    I also find the arpeggiator sehr gut.

    Part3 (4:15 to end)

    nothing negative to say about that old piano ending.

    Very, very, very good mix, IMHO.

  2. This mix is now in my winamp, with the "Repeat" button ON... :D

    What an impressive amount of work (and talent)! 8O

    Each tune's got his own atmosphere, but the whole thing is perfectly coherent.

    As I am working (only 2/3 minutes a day, unfortunately...)

    on a steel band style remix, I appreciate,

    with its right value, I think, the tropical samples

    (steel pad perfect @1'43, excellent marimba in the background @1'57;

    but the one @2'44 sounds a little robotic...)

    The drums track is very impressive too (listen to this little break @1'00, listen): bravo, bravo.

    "One more time", says my winamp! :mrgreen:

    (once again, sorry for my so poor english... :? )

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