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  1. i give this remix a 8 out of 10 OCR stars. i love it its just simply great its got a nice beat to it too, and ive been waiting all day to hear this, and its worth it.
  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW i love this. we need more latino style here at OCR, this jumpy beat makes me wanna dance, even though i cant dance.
  3. .......... im speachless this is the best remix of FF9 ive heard thus far. hehe, i love the old school sound to it, and the clatu verata victo, that was taken from the evil dead movie rox, all they needed is they .......... uhhmm *cough cough cough * line in there, ive only seen the third movie unfortunatly, this one is going directly into my playlist.
  4. ...........Im spechless i ...i...i THIS ROCKS i am evil, please cuntinue with the good work, and i hope you keep this style, of music up. Ive heard everything, i am evil has made, but this has got, to be the best remix yet.
  5. WOW this remix is great, im gonna fire up my old wolfenstein, and gib some nazi scum, While listening to it. Dude the games gonna seem even better, with this great remix, playing in the background.
  6. wow this remix is realy good, why dont we hear more well aranged acustic music here. i dont know but if once and awhile came somthing like this, youd be seing a much happy hamster doing the happy dance. ^^
  7. DUDE this remix roxors i all the sudden feel the urge to dowload the rom for this game eock on dudes nice work analoq heh *groves to the grovey beat* ^,^ reminder for the people that make great remixes like this one PLEASE im begging you make em longer than a minnut
  8. [quote name= And yes I know that's what remixing can be, but I don't like how it's getting so much praise for something it didn't really do.
  9. yaa i figured that out im sorry about that i idnt expect my drawing to be so big but that l chage im going to use i difrent one for when i get it uploaded sunday about the remix insted of taking the musik that they did to make this remix i think this is one o the ending musiks or somthing my memory is a little fuzzy about t´silent hill 2 but how about remixing the main theme music thatd be the best tune from silent hill 2 to remix if you ask me
  10. hmmmm intresting remix i like how its made even though i have absolutly no knowledge of what you people talk about but im sure i can learn by reading some of the posts here intresting non the less well im gonna listen to this one a few more times before deciding if its one of those absolut must have remixes or its one of those ill listen to it when i feel like it
  11. ok this is my first post in this forum so ill use it to honor this GREAT remix i mean its the best thing ive heard so far on this wonderfull site with plenty of intresting music my only coment is...........WOW im speachless ive played the game and heard the ending credits music but i never knew it could be made this way and ive been curently listening to this remix ever since it got upddated on the site i cant belive it im not tired of listening to it yet