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  1. Im new at the whole sig thing, even though ive been here awhile so, how the heck do you make those and what are they called?
  2. Cool! I got it change to a txt and uploaded it in pagebuilder. But now I cant find it anywhere
  3. my computer must be weird then, the filename has nothin to do with what the file is. I look at the pictures properties and its still a jpg, no matter what its named
  4. yes, this i realize. My problem is how i change before i upload?
  5. instead of quoteing the obvious, why dont you answer my question? You got it apparently
  6. okay, im using geocities and i cant figure out how to get a jpg to txt file. How do you do it?
  7. i dont have the patience for this now, thanks for the help, ill ask again later, im gonna try a few things
  8. sounds cool, but how do i change it to a txt file?
  9. thats the link (lol) sorry bad joke
  10. okay, mine isnt working, does it have to be .gif file?