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  1. You know what this sounds like to me? This sounds like it would make as a great song for the credits of the N64 game called Space Station Silicon Valley. I say that in a good way. I love the jazzy feel, and the high-rolling notes really bring that game's flavor to this mix. The woodwind solo has been depreciated by others, but I don't listen to it as an instrument, I listen to it as music, and it sounds perfect. Aces to you.
  2. Great mix. The funky beat had my head bobbing through the whole song, and whatever that lead instrument is (I can't think of what it is for some reason) goes through a lot of sound experimentation that all worked well. It's been said before and I'll say it also: its shortness is a good quality, because it doesn't beat us over the head with a repetitive melody. The problem with some of the longer mixes is that the middle section sometimes falls into a bland sort of repetiton where nothing new is added, so short mixes have the edge since they can remain fresh throughout.
  3. The ominous fell of the beginning is great, and it only get built upon with the addition of extra instruments. The transition to the techno section was superb, because you had the orchestral part lingering for a while as it got replaced by the more modern instruments. However, as this section builds toward the end, it seems to abruptly end. Actually for me, this was a bit of a relief as it had fallen into a boring pattern, and the ending is phenomenal. However, if you could have built up the trance a little more before ending, the song would have had some more flare I think. On the whole however, this is a pretty good mix.
  4. While I myself cannot create music worth a darn, I know a good tune when I hear one. The genre swapping is used really well to build-up, and then break-down the melody. The two different moods in the piece are almost complete opposites, yet you managed to transition between them incredibly smoothly. Hats off to you for creating this mix.
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