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  1. Back in my newby gamer days in Elementary School I was stuck on "Zio" from Phantasy Star 4 for like 4 months. I had no clue and suddenly one day I got lucky and beat him. Also one of the most confusing times in a game was Shining Force 2, where to advance any futher , you had to some how come up that the "wood chunk" you picked up in a random ancient temple fit into this randomass tree with a generic "hole" in it were the key to getting the Achilles Sword. I leveled up my guys so damn high doing so many battles trying to figure out what to do, the rest of the game was easy because of it, hehe. hahaha, just read your post about dark forces from PS3, yes that was fucking hard!!!! I even had trouble with the PS4 one with 'burstroc' ability wren got. I had never played PS3 till I got it on GBA and holy shit, dark forces took me 9/10 of the gametime I played. sooo cheap and unfair. like the boss of the floaty island in PS4 cheapness, but wasn't the easy bitch he was.
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