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  1. this song is orgasmic... Simply. Could not be better if it was made back in the day when thats all we knew.
  2. not much to say other than its good at the begining at great around 4:39 and beyond...even though its more syth orinerted it still seems to sound better than or piece. I think this is one of my favorite songs with no exagguration. creates a atmosphere thats very hard to come across.
  3. ive never heard the original music but i like this music a lot. Very nice pace and the cross between its original theme and the occasional softening of the music gives it some variance in the song such as 1.01 it changes the musics tone dramtically while still retaining the oringinal concept when it switches back to normal at 1.41... if i was to vision a place to match the mood of this song it would be in a dessert near an oasis with a small livly town having a huge party. very peaceful until you get to the heart where it is festive.
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