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  1. This is a swedish folk tune that I play on a couple of different instruments. One of my favourite tunes actually! I hope you can enjoy the tune as much as I enjoyed recording it!
  2. If you liked my Monkey Island tune that was recently uploaded, you probably should check out this one and maybe you will like it Some feedback would be appreciated!
  3. This is something that I was just improvising together in "real time". I would like to hear what you think about this one Some feedback would be appreciated!
  4. Here you go! Feedback is appreciated
  5. I've been programming some games for myself during the years and I've made music to them etc etc.... None of the games were finished, but the music were finished so it's a little bit of waste to keep the music to these games. That's why I made a video compilation of that music so that someone at least can listen to it. I hope someone can appreciate the music at least since the songs mean a lot to me
  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback! I agree with the pub sounds. I should maybe have tuned them down just a little bit and placed them on more different positions. When I made them I put some of them left, and some of the more to the left and a bit more to the left. Same with right. It's not only the extreme edges Yes, maybe it would have been a good idea to make some "own" part of the song. I thought about it, especially when it came to this site where it's pretty much necessary - but on the other hand I compared my "remix" with the original and I found a huge difference even if the main melody on the accordion was similar (some adjustments in the melody and the chords). I thought that the whole arrangement in total with all the flute/clarinet 2:nd voices and stuff made the variation by itself. But maybe I was wrong - I don't know
  7. I'm finished with this tune now. It would be nice to get some kind of feedback Thanks in advance!
  8. Well the Title says it all. I don't really know what I'm doing, but it's some kind of name game in Swedish In English I suppose that you could sing "Who the fu*k is sitting, left/right of [NAME] - well it is [NAME2], how nice that you are here" and just keep it going until the whole crew is presented for each other.
  9. This is maybe not actually a remix, but it's some kind of cover or something on Accordion and Mandola! I added a lot of distortion to the instruments so it sounds kind of metal. Some feedback would be nice
  10. This is a Finnish Polka named Hermannin Mollipolkka played on accordion, clarinet and guitar. Hope you like it. Feedback is very much welcome
  11. Haha, now I really want a flute in that one because of you. But I will not remake it >_<
  12. I was actually going to add a flute aswell, but then I thought that it would be nice with only singing and guitar on that one for once. My other videos has got a lot of flutes so I skipped it this time! But I agree with you... Why did you thing the high notes were hard for me? They were not really hard, I was just focused on the tones in the song and that's why I shrinkled with my eyebrows
  13. This is some Guitar and some singing on a Norwegian folk song! I would be happy for some comments!
  14. Haha, fun to see something Swedish. I thought I was the only one here posting that kind of stuff
  15. This song is in english called "Birthday schottis" and it's a Danish tune that I would like to share with you I would be glad for some feedback.
  16. Thanks a lot for your comment! I don't have a link to the mp3 though. But you should try something like this http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ Ja, jo jag är svensk också. Jag bor till och med i samma stad som dig ser det ut som
  17. Cute was an unexpected word for the video, but thanks
  18. This is a little remake of the intro to Ultima VI. I hope you like it My version: The original:
  19. Haha, thanks I wish I had a gurdy gurdy but I don't. I have to get one some day!
  20. I play some clarinet and stuff. It's a soft song so it's supposed to be calm and so on. The main instrument for this song is a Hurdy Gurdy and that's what it's supposed to be played on because it was written on one. It's swedish folk music from the island of Gotland.
  21. This is a completely new version of an old song that I made like 5 years ago. Some feedback would be cool
  22. Well, I could maybe get some comments on this one. I've just made it and need some small feedback. Maybe the clarinet sounds a little bit off at one or two places, but apart from that I think it's kind of finished so I put it here
  23. My one man band is playing one of my favorite tunes on a couple of instruments:
  24. Seems to be a fantastic game. I hope they don't make new areas and stuff because I want it to be almost exactly as the NES game, but upgraded graphics. I'm sure you won't get the same feeling while playing it but it looks very good by now.
  25. And here's another one. This time it's Egyptian Reggae:
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