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  1. Vigilante. I am simply amazed at the quality of this song of yours. I just got this song a couple days ago from the remix.overclocked website. The guitar in the beginning is fantastic, and the way you implemented the Metal Gear Solid theme is just perfect. The way everything blends together throughout the song, I really like that. It makes it an easy listen-to track, as I can daze out while just thinking about varius things (Although when I go and daze..it's usually when I should be doing my assignments from the college. Still deciding if this is a good or bad thing.) I would like to know, would you be alright with the myself burning this song onto a CD to listen to? I'll soon be getting a computer with a CD burner, and I'm going to be making a few CDs to listen to, and I'd like this song to be one of the tracks. On an unrelated note, what software did you use to make all this? I've heard of a couple programs, one being Rebirth, and another one being Fruityloops(?) that are supposed to be really good music creation programs. And, how much do they cost? I would absolutely love to create music like this.