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  1. What makes this song so great is its like playing the game all over again. The samples are simple, and the tune is a little unoriginal, but the song still kicks plenty of ass, especially around the 4 minute mark when the last level tune kicks in, Yeah! Good Ending! I never post on this board, although I download a lot. I've got like 500+ or so songs from this page and this is the first I felt the need to post on. The first video game I ever got was Double Dragon for the Sega Master System...and wow does this bring back memories. It's about time somebody did something for this game! This one is great too...the samples aren't top notch, and it's not very original, but still it's awesome! I was about to do the first level song myself if no one else was going to do it actually, (but I still have a month of classes left and it's double dragon or my degree so.....double dragon will have to wait!) Awesome song though, I just love it! I hope we can see more Double Dragon in the future.
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