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  1. At first I didn't really like this remix much, but because I wanted to give it a fair chance (and listen), I listened about 3 more times. Damn good song. me likey... BUT At around 1:14, there's a harmony that kicks in alongside the melody (duh) that sounds out of tune with the rest of the instruments- maybe it's me or the effect on the instrument, but I just can't stand it. The first 2 times I listened, I didn't notice, but everytime after that I did, and it really wrenched my ears. Definately a green swedish fish in my 2lb. bag of gummy worms. Basically, me am like the music be.
  2. Talk about guitar. Jeebus! Steve Vai, Satch- eat the electronics of your guitars out. Make way for Ailsean. Jeez. Arpeggios are hard enough as it is, but then to palm mute each note perfectly??? nutty. Perfect bends, perfect note, perfect time (nearly- he's not a freakin robot). I love you. Marry me. That was a joke.
  3. Thumper has a great thing going through-out this piece, the swung piano, and contrasting drums did it for me. One thing I could have done without is the guitar track. I take that back, the track itself is good; mixed well, decent tone, but... that guitar is way out of tune. That minor flaw offset the simplistic melody (or solo) for the worse. If I wasn't such a bitch, I would say the song was cool, but out of tune instruments make a song hard to listen to. But I forgive Thumper. Keep up the good work.
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