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  1. MMM...Delicious!! Ok..Ok...so if it were to come down to AE..or Disco Man...I would have to sit out of the judge booth on that one..I can't get enough of either your guys's mixes...I think I repeat them more often than I should. Great mix I have to say that more but i'll leve it to just that. OOO...BASS..anyone not liking it well...you should..as a lover of all electronc music an vg music, I think I enjoy bass a little more than I should. I think I am going to be deaf soon from it but hey at least you goin with the joys of BOOM BOOM BOMM Yes the beats on this mix were very well incredible...especially at 2:07.oooooo..I love that! So for those of you who didn't repeat this track more than twice, my record I think was about 64times..LOL...GOOD SCHTUFF!! Kazin
  2. OOOO.....I really do not know what to say except "WOW" the memories brought back to me on this mix was insanely great! Heh..makes we want to bust out the ol'school systems an start playin with this tune on an the TV on mute. Phenominal mix I must say...as a proud lover of electronica & games I just can't get enough must have reapeated for the 50th time already hah. In my opinion, this game definately deserves a remix, and from the looks of it this has got to be the best SOCKET music I have heard yet! Thanks....and a TERRIFIC JOB Dj Pretzel!!!
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