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  1. Not bad, but I liked "Man With Another Trance Machine" better. I GIVES IT 4 STARS ****
  2. Not a bad remix at all, but it isn't really my favorite, either. It's got room for improvement (but what doesn't), but it's good. I GIVES IT 3 STARS ***
  3. Project X2 Titlescreen is a solid remix. The prologue music has a somewhat-expected techno beat (with a hint of acoustic guitar). Then about a minute in, it gives you that "what's gonna happen next?!" feeling. Then the title screen music blasts in electric guitar. I GIVES IT 5 STARS ***** Also try: The Tallest Building
  4. The Man With the Machine Gun has always been one of my favorite FF8 songs, and this remix does it great justice. It rocks. I GIVES IT 5 STARS *****
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