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  1. Really cool. Its about time someone did Chaos Legion some justice.
  2. I dont think the second part of the hymm really fits. The first part where the singing is rising, i think have that repeated as the music is carried on then when it ends use the second piece of the hymm...umm i have no idea how to describe it so use your imagination.
  3. This is really cool I LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro, with the piano and the trumpets (? my musical knowlege is below par). Cant describe that feeling but it just feels so right. So retro, so 70/80ies, so SOR, so perfect. I would so love to play SOR with the entire soundtrack remixed in the same vein i.e very very loud retro style. The ending however feels very rushed. Like you couldnt be bothered doing anything else so you just slapped it on. An extended version would be nice or a better ending. Gecko Yamori you do good!
  4. AWESOME MIX! AWESOME, AWESOME STUFF!!! What i love is you know straight off the bat its a PS4 remix. It stays true to the original tune. Compared to djpretzel's mix, i love how yours focuses on the sweet melody of the theme. I keep swaying back and forth from djpretzel's brilliant version to your mix but you may just pip his!
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