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  1. Well, I will say this, Mazedude has some big ones, he has guts to put it out. I consider the song quite seriously, because I think Mazedude meant it to be serious, so I gave it much deeper thought and criticism then any other song I have seen on this site. Obviously, this is not a bad thing, a song that makes you think about it and creates discussion over it, is pretty amazing in itself. I'm not backtreading from anything I said, but Mazedude did a very good job in creating a song that makes one think.
  2. Hey, you don't have to agree with me, but calling my opinion ridiculous is quite harsh. I can cope just fine, but the fact that you can't possibly imagine that someone might find it offensive, is surprising to me, even Mazedude said he expected criticism. Go around your town and blast that song to people, drive by american legeion, or some relgious commuinties and see how they like it. My guess is, they'll probably just give you some "ridiclious" opinion. As for Wolfstein, it wasnt as much Nazis as it was using an acceptable real life setting for making outrageous over the top bad guys to
  3. I know this song has gotten great reviews and I am not lecturing or slamming artistic decesions here. But am I the only one who thought the Hitler samples were in bad taste? I recongized them immediately having recently watched "The wonderful, horrible Life of Leni Reifenstahl" (aka Die Macht der Bilder). If the context of the film is correct it is a pre-kanzler poltical speech in Berlin (1932, i think). The problem I have is that Wolfstein is a simple action game, that dehumanizes Nazis to comicbook-like supervillians, bascially ignores the holocaust victims (which is fine for a comicboo
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