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  1. I will also likely be playing HARDCORE in season 2. I'll be getting a late start though, as I will be traveling for a week or two starting on the 16th.
  2. I've been having a lot of fun with Diablo recently. The recent Demon Hunter changes are absolutely for the better, I think. If anyone wants to join me, just shoot me a message, I'm almost always down for a party.
  3. You are in fact allowed to show up earlier, or later if you so please! We're open 24 hours, folks! hot dogs are forbidden
  4. Congrats, HashTown! I'd like to see TF2 happen more often (I was otherwise occupied when I got like ten invitations the other day). Friday or Saturday work fine for me, because I don't ever leave the house. Late evening (~9-11p EST) seems to be what we had going on before, so I see no reason to change it.
  5. Ah, I was mistaken! Still, the game had some wicked rad music, ripe for the mixin'. I feel like it should have more posted mixes. I wonder why it's not more popular...
  6. 1) Banjo and Kazooie 2) Quote (Cave Story) 3) Curly Brace (also Cave Story) I feel like these should have been mascots long ago. Especially since OCR did an entire album for Cave Story way back in 2006. Though to be fair, Quote didn't really have uh, much to say.
  7. I hope y'all like some double posting. Because that's what cheese makes the cheese.
  8. I feel like this should be a sticky somewhere, yeah? Maybe in an more generalized topic regarding copyright and such. Maybe not even for game remixes (it's a bit of a grey area from what I understand), but a lot of OCR featured artists seem to be cool with this type of stuff. Would probably be handy for a lot of people to have a quick repository of sources for streamable music.
  9. Reviving this thread from the grave! Wanted to let everyone know that Season 1 ends on Tuesday, November 25th (EDIT: THIS IS NOT CORRECT), most likely in the wee hours of the early, as is usual per Blizzard. If you wanted to make a last-minute blitz on the acheezements for that sweet sweet leaderboard action, now is the time. Even though they don't mean anything, really. But there's always the clan leaderboard, which is much more accessible than the worldwide boards! (Still doesn't really mean anything) EDIT: I uh, I can't reab, apparently. False alarm folks, there is no announced end date for Diablo 3 season 1. The post I read was in fact this one. Eagle-eyed viewers might note that it refers to Diablo 2, and not D3.
  10. Slap (as well as drug, beacon, burn, firebomb, freeze, timebomb, and rename) are currently restricted to the four root admins (Bahamut, Bark, Gamemaster, Sombrero). I'm pretty sure it's been this way for quite a while, actually. It's not difficult to change, but that's up to Baha. I think the idea was to keep the game more under control with less kooky craziness and admin absurdity. I think the only person do actually get one of the fun commands in the past couple months (at least from me) has been Maniac? I prefer it that way, personally. Correction: Slap is under permission for sm_slay, and all the fun commands are under cheats, I believe. Flags { "reservation" "a" //Reserved slots "generic" "b" //Generic admin, required for admins "kick" "c" //Kick other players "ban" "d" //Banning other players "unban" "e" //Removing bans "slay" "f" //Slaying other players "changemap" "g" //Changing the map "cvars" "h" //Changing cvars "config" "i" //Changing configs "chat" "j" //Special chat privileges "vote" "k" //Voting "password" "l" //Password the server "rcon" "m" //Remote console "cheats" "n" //Change sv_cheats and related commands /** * Custom flags can be used by plugins, but they can also be used to * for you to expand on the previous groups, using Overrides. */ "custom1" "o" "custom2" "p" "custom3" "q" "custom4" "r" "custom5" "s" "custom6" "t" /** * Root is a magic access flag that grants all permissions. * This should only be given to trusted administrators. * Root users can target anyone regardless of immunity, * however, they themselves are not automatically immune. */ "root" "z" } Admins (B, B, G, S) have z (root access). Moderators (Brushfire, DarkeSword, Frostbite, IJ, Kamikaze, Lyrai, ParanoidDrone, and phill) have abcdeghjkop. (note that f, i, l, m, n are missing) so now that nobody is confused I guess my job here is done I don't see how this isn't perfectly clear right guys
  11. Well then. Anyway, thanks for figuring that out. That would have taken me a long time, I reckon.
  12. Someone else updated before I got to it. So it looks like they reverted the stickybomb nerf. Who is surprise?
  13. (Emphasis mine) Big update folks. Some big balance changes regarding the axetinguisher, miniguns, and stickybombs. This'll be interesting. EDIT: Server updated, checking SM plugins for compatibility now.
  14. Nobody's posted this yet? For shame. http://www.teamfortress.com/loveandwar/ New update info (NEW TAUNTS GHURRBL), and a Damn that's a good one. Featuring Ashley Burch as Miss Pauling. I knew I recognized that voice, but I had to look it up.The mystery of the bread is solved! It turns out it was nothing of apparent consequence! A shocking twist, indeed! Seriously though, Valve's films are always a treat to watch. Don't miss it.
  15. Oh, so apparently some spookey-time super conspiracy time stuff has been added. I guess when you take a teleprompter, there is a rare chance of a bread spawning? http://i.imgur.com/C71Gasj.jpg Also some item changes, but I'm not real sure what to make of these. EDIT: Another update got pushed when I was looking the other way.
  16. I swear this guy waits until I'm away from my computer to push an update. I step out of my house and five minutes later, update. Oh well. Not quite End of the Line yet, folks.
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