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  1. In Final Fantasy VII (During my second Time around with a Walkthrough) I found out the best Strategy... Breed a Black Chocobo, Find the Final Attack Materia (Makes you attack with junctioned Materia when your health runs out), Do a Shit Load of Fighting till it Ferments and Replicates 2 times, equip all three to your active Characters and Junction Each to... (Drum Roll)... PHEONIX (don't forget to replicate 2 of these as well)!!!... basically Pheonix does a Schweet arsed Fire Attack then Revives all Characters... Basically... YOU DIE THEN YOU GET RAISED AGAIN!!!... YAY... anyway that's my PERF
  2. Just Checked and Crono has 277 health and Robo has 265... so do the math... anyway that's enough of me Defending myself (you gotta admit this is childish to fight over)... Anyway arashi no tora, you got a point in what you said in your last message: "Anyway... if you would fight Final Kefka at level 16, would he be hard ? And the One Winged angel Sephiroth at level 20 ? That must mean they are the hardest boss ever...." so I guess that we all have to take things from Perspective. (Warning Final Fantasy X Spoiler Ahead) In FFX I took out my Aeons with an Overkill every hit... My Friend got
  3. OI arashi no tora!!! I NEVER said I SURVIVED his attacks I just said I got that FAR when fighting him... So you can take your "Someone here is bullshiting us." and Stick it up your Arse... Sorry Everyone but I Won't be talked to in that way...
  4. **Warning Chrono Trigger Spoilers Ahead** Okay My Current Hardest Boss is in Chrono Trigger... Now if I can set the Tempo for why it's hard then maybe you'll understand... Firstly: CRONO on Lv. 16, MARLE on Lv. 16 and ROBO on Lv. 12... Secondly Fighting LAVOS (end Boss) the first time you can select too... For those who don't know what I mean... Basically once you reach THE END OF TIME, you just have to obtain MAGIC then you can use the BUCKET WARP which teleports you to 1999 A.D. DAY OF LAVOS... Fighting LAVOS at different stages of the game means you get different endings and/or funny thin
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