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  1. Further clarification and reasoning:

    Life situations and other things have occupied so much of my time that my ability to sit down and do anything music related has impacted this decision. Not to mention getting older and more fed up with the retarded "nerd" scene

    But probably one of the biggest things was the secret ff6 invite only project. Massive bullshit and total bad form at the highest level in the community. That was probably one of the breaking points. While ill still do musical things from time to time as i have time/motivation, it wont be for ocr.

  2. i'm not trolling, i'm serious when i say i am done with music. it holds no interest at all as a hobby anymore. if i do anything music related, it will be on my own terms and a lot of time will be taken with it, and it probably won't be here.

    i just felt it was better to lay it out and not pull a graylightning.

    that said, deuces.

  3. Ive been avoiding this for a hella long time but music no longer interests me and playing guitar isnt much fun anymore so dueces.

    Any projects im on please remove me and dont ask me to be on any future ones unless cupcakes are involved

  4. Everything I said is 100% correct. As Darangen mentioned, perhaps Sonic's issue is a noisy amp, which I had not considered. But that doesn't change a word of what I wrote. As I've been playing guitar since before you were born, I'm sticking by it.

    look out we got a badass over here

    your experience has taught you wrong, sorry.

    edit: played through any high gain amps lately, grandpa? if not, stick to your noiseless fender tweeds.

  5. Real-time noise gates are about as useful as sustain pedals. If your problem is open strings making sympathetic noise while you play, a NG isn't going to fix that. Learn to mute. If your problem is live noise when you aren't playing, but other band members are playing, also learn to mute if you don't want to use the volume knob. If the problem is pickup noise, get better pickups or cables and aim your guitar away from EM radiation.

    If, however, you just want to silence your guitar between string hits while you're recording, a VST NG will do the job live or during mixing just as well. Otherwise it comes down to proper right-hand technique.

    everything you are saying is bad

    i want you to know this

  6. The overworld wasn't THAT sparse either. I personally see it as on par with Ocarina. Ocarina's version of Hyrule field was pretty damn boring, even if the other parts of the land were interesting. At least there's fun stuff to find in TP's Hyrule field, areas you can only access with certain items. In that way, it captured the essence of Zelda, to me.

    OOT also came out in 199goddamn8, it had an excuse for a "sparse" overworld.

    TP did not.

  7. THIS, is EXACTLY what it means to Strike a Middle Ground.

    If it's not obvious then, I can't help people.

    A middle ground is to give your own character to your own version of the song while staying true to the original.

    Which is EXACTLY why I used The Black Mages/Earthbound Papas as an example. These are the perfect official examples of striking a good middle ground.

    A good arrangement shouldn't have to take 10 listens to figure out what the source is when the listener is familiar with the original.

    And if your listener can't identify with the source at some point in the song then what's the point?

    I remember back when I was like 11 and discovered OCR back in 2001/2002 I'd hear remixes that change stuff so much that I would say "This doesn't sound like *insert song* here at all!"

    And then I'd hear something that changes the original tune a ton, but it's IMMEDIATELY recognizable and ends up being extremely enjoyable like this




    I remember hearing these for the first time and being blown away, because they sounded amazing and it was extremely easy to hear what the songs were supposed to be.

    Mind you this was before I had ever picked up a guitar, nor knew anything about music.(even though I had played Trumpet and Violin in Elementary School)

    So to reiterate, Striking a middle ground is very important. Even more so because it's so much harder to do than just completely change the song altogether , or be completely conservative.

    It can be 20% original 80% source or whatever so much as it retains the character of the original songs while giving it your own character (which itself can be a million things from the choice of instrument, to the style of percussion, or even the structure of the piece etc etc)with your arrangement OR instrumentation.

    This is my opinion, true (and not a fact), but I will likely NEVER change my view on this mostly based on the personal belief that this is the right and best way to approach things when it comes to , so-called "Remixes"

    My personal rule is to generally try to make the song recognizeable within the first minute if i'm making a really widly creative/different type of arrangement or else I know that , if, I was the listener, i'd lose interest by that point.

    *cough*Maverick Rising*cough*MMX4/5 Dr.Light*cough*


  8. Don't start with that bullhonkey.

    You change too much stuff = people dont' like it.

    You aren't making a NEW song, you are making a new version of an EXISTING song. SO, ergo it needs to remain faithful to the original material to a large extent in order to not completely alienate the fans of the original music.

    Unless of course, your audience is NOT in fact fans of FFVI's original music and you are just trying to make liberal bullhonkey that appeals to fellow musicians , while 99% of average listeners won't get, understand or like it.

    Why do you think some people say negative things about some stuff OCR does?

    Because people don't like how the music is Drastically changed.

    It's extremely important to strike a middle ground with an Arrangement of a piece of music. Why else would official arrangements and things like The Black Mages/Earthbound Papas be so good, yet they change many elements from the originals?

    Because they are faithful and strike a middle ground.

    Old but new.

    Refreshing but original.

    New instrumentation on a simpler piece of music.

    Also: I'd like to if possible, make a bonus track version of the Prelude that stays truer to the original piece(The FFVI version, which means bit slower paced than other version like the NES Preludes, like I did for Random Encounter) of music without changing the melody if that's alright. (sort of like I want to do with Battle, make this an extension of the original composition)

    I've already started a WIP

    i make remixes i like to listen to. and those tend to be very liberal interps of the source

    if i want to listen to the source or something to it i'll pop the ost it in or listen to a cover

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