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  1. I absolutely love this! It's now permanently stuck in my head and i can't stop singing it! No word of a lie. At first glance, as in at just the title, I was expecting it to be Gato's song, but then i clicked for the info and just had to hear it for myself. The lyrics, silly as they are, fit in perfectly and the curt choppiness of them? Makes them sound like a real robot talking, er, singing. Sweet and upbeat, I only have one teensy-weensy little disappointment---it slightly disses Kaeru/Frog, who is my personal favorite. "Won't you pick me instead of that frog?" I've only got one question---what's wrong with Frog? Seeing it as how you did such a kick-ass job on this, how about something like this using Frog's theme? It's just a suggestion....