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  1. Now I triple checked and I found something very weird. There is indeed some cross-pollenation: in my download manager. It got confused and wrote in some Metal Gear song I was downloading in place of Dimstar. Out of curiosity I downloaded Dimstar again to really scrutinize the songs and the one I just got off the site is normal. My apologies.
  2. I can see how one might mix the two up, they're pretty close. Makes you wonder if there was some cross-pollenation between the Metroid and Metal Gear production teams. But at any rate, I double checked and I'm certain Dimstar is based on Metal Gear. Uh Oh The Beat Have Started To Move by Khalal and Nintendo Guru is a good comparison tune.
  3. I noticed something odd about Dimstar by Beatdrop. Although it's categorized and billed as a Super Metroid remix, it is most definitely a Metal Gear remix. Just a thought. (^.^)
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