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  1. k, how about a FF trance remix? i'll get started on it right away... cheers. Amidst all this posting mayhem I missed your reply. I look forward to hearing the end result
  2. The overall quality of this song is as high as ever but, yeah, as stated earlier, it kinda goes downhill after the intro. The tune doesn't really match the style, and I'm not sure choosing an overdriven electric guitar really helps things either. Oh yeah, I also queried the use of that pad in the intro, Xelebes. I have to admit, though, I kinda have an issue with analoq's work: I remember when I first downloaded Stunt Race FX; I was really excited and promptly rushed off to analoq's ws to dl the rest of her stuff, but I was left a bit deflated by the fact that it all sounded the same, and this track is no exception. Comparing this with Stunt FX, some of the instruments used just sound like the same patch from the same synth to me, and then there's the same guitar... plus the arrangement is always to the same as well. It all sounds a bit, well, samey Of course people develop their own style, but this goes beyond that for me. It sounds like the songs are being written to a formula. Nobody who's heard analoq's music can miss her abundance of talent. As songs in their own right, I always enjoy the quality of the music and production. But next time I'd like to hear something that's a break from the mould: something to get excited about again
  3. nice little tune. I think this could have benefitted from a bit of mastering however. It struck me as being very quiet alongside other songs on my playlist. Edit (several months later): There again, maybe not
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