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  1. @blueblazer I totally agree, but the last two minutes are a lot weaker than the first minutes, apart from that this is a really well done remix. Forgot to mention, that baseline is soooo addictive!!
  2. Maybe it's all said before, but I just want to let you know why I prefer Dan's mix over all the other metalman remixes. The original stage music of metalman has some sort of flow in the music which makes listening to it very addictive. Although the other remixes with metal guitars were refreshing, they could not create the flow that was present in the original. Dan is IMO the first to create this by his excellent baseline and care of details, he was also able to create more variety in his remix. All in all, just a excellent piece of remixing! Let's hope Dan continues making remixes, because he is doing a damn fine job at it!
  3. When I heard the first instruments I had good hopes for this remix, it really has a nice sound. But when I heard the changes made to the original melody of "Gerudo Valley" my hopes died. Somehow I get this feeling that remixers change the melody's just because they think their remix won't be original enough if they don't. Offcourse it isn't wrong to change some of the melody, but a lot of remixers that produce a good "would be" remix change the wrong part of melody. To me it doesn't matter what is changed to a song as long as the main melody is the same. But that is just my view about remixing. Anywayz, a good remix but with a bad taste to it.
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