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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm very happy that the lyrics were in a language that I don't understand. I can just more fully realize the soundscape. Also, I think the language sounds more beautiful. An African language might have made it even cooler, though. Still, I'm very impressed with the whole ensemble of atmosphere. I don't remember the Minuet of Forest being in the original temple music, but then again, I was never a fan of any of the temple themes. So if that was added, kudos. It sounds very nice in the context of the ambience. As a few others said, the dissonance around
  2. No way, that's the best part of the song! I don't like how the :44 before it is a tune that repeats more times than necessary. No, I meant specifically at :44. Not after, that's fine... just that precise note at :44. I still haven't found it Of course, I've only played Prime and Fusion, but I hoped it would be a theme that was used in one of those games too like Magmoor.
  3. Ah, yes! I've been watching this one for a long time. So, you finally finished it. Sounds great, though the one thing that bugs me the most is the title. I kind of liked a the other ones that were thrown around on the WIP forum better. But hey, a more professional name is dandy too. Nice job on the remix, again, I really like this one. It's that Outset Island theme that puts it over the top for me. Not enough Wind Waker songs remixed.
  4. I really like this one. I got all his songs from here and his website, and I've been listening to this one the most for a few weeks. I really enjoyed the bubbly feel, and the drums just sound cool to me. I wish I knew what to call that effect on the drums. I agree though, the interval at 0:44 is really strange and it doesn't work for the peice.
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