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  1. Awesomeness and awesomosity... As far as FF soundtracks go, Seven's didn't really strike me as the best by a long shot, but it does have a few really good tracks... One Winged Angel is one of those, and probably the best of 'em. Nice to see it get some well deserved and EXCELLENT coverage. =)
  2. I'm lovin' it. Second great vocal remix inside a week; I'm hoping it's the start of a new trend! \; ) Personally, I liked the lyrics a lot, they seemed appropriate and fairly well written... and even if a few parts sound a bit cliche'd, when you get down to it, about 70% of the songs out there that we listen to on the radio talk about the same thing and say the same thing, repackaged again and again... all depends on the quality of the packaging. So, I'm not terribly sure how fair that particular criticism is. Loved the instrumentation... only complaint is that there definitely were a
  3. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I have been cruising this site forever... and listening to everything on it. I've even scouted the forums before, but not until I heard this did I finally get motivated to register, just to say WOW! Like someone else said earlier, no mix has snapped me to attention quite this much since Little Mac's Confession. Outstanding, sickeningly addictive stuff StarBlast. Keep it up! Mav Out
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