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  1. First song by Morse, first post by me. Seems like a good start! I liked it! I think that of any game music, Final Fantasy series music lends itself best to the jazz idiom. All these wonderful 7th/9th chords fit so well under the arpeggio/scale -heavy melodies that Uematsu tends to write. What's more, your remix has a nice shape to it - loungy doesn't imply boring. I have only two very minor gripes: 1) the woodblock-like percussion thing that starts at 1:00 or so seems too loud at certain parts when there are only soft chords going, like 1:30 or so. I think it would help to bring it down then the rest of the song gets quiet. 2) It's too short - I want more! It does loop nicely, though, so if that's what you were going for, then nevermind this gripe at all. Best of luck with your remixing! I hope to hear more! -Thr.