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  1. alright... I was shocked to see the remix there at the top of the list as I accessed the site... (First Review for a reason...) When I saw metroid prime, I had to stop my self from drooling. But everything can't be perfect I guess. *waits for the f'yous from people as well as the boos to subside. I'm not putting down the remix, oh no. Its kick-ass in my opinion, but one thing did bug me. The main beat that plays half way through the song and again at the end... It sounded, odd, and in the end, threw me out of the mood. Everything else was good. But those two parts sounded as if i was rushed back to the earlier years as UFO's came down to earth on an old sci-fi movie. So again, everything was perfect, but I'm just gonna have to speak my mind about this one little thing. maybe the rest of you don't care or it didn't bother you, but I'm saying it could have been better. In the game, the main theme was awsome... because it matched. With this remix, the main part was totally differen't from the rest of the song, as if it didn't belong. Sorry if what I'm saying doesn't make sense, but I'm not best with music terms and what not. Again this is my first review... And hell I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think this was a good song.