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  1. I didn't want to post in here for the last 3 months, thinking it was just me being biased against it, but I agree completely. Most of the tracks didn't have the passion they deserved. Many of the songs did have passion, but were unfortunately slow to start, and ended just when getting me interested. Tracks inspired by Magus had a sense of danger, but not the tormented side of it. I truly am sorry that I didn't enjoy this as much as I should have, I am sorry to the remixers that dedicated their time to this that I didn't appreciate their work as much as was warranted. If there is any consolation to these artists, I still believe that I am biased by the constant delays and the promises of immaculate music. Nothing could have lived up to the promises made, and broken from September through January. If anyone was not reading the release discussion thread waiting with baited breath, I suggest you give it a listen and make your own choice. Otherwise, if anyone who followed the thread for the four months leading to the release has yet to get it, save yourself the trouble.
  2. Bump and a question. Is there anything worth mentioning since the third WIP deadline has been passed? I definitly interested in hearing one of the best sports game's music given tribute.
  3. I agree that polish is a fine thing, but I think that we're at the point that when we get the cheese and sauce, the bread is on the brink of turning green. A lot of announcements have been made over the past months, and I believed all of them until yesterday, words mean nothing anymore.
  4. Just whip something up in html or something, just give us a page with a bunch of raw text links. I beg of you, I am losing faith. When it was promised before New Years Eve... I didn't believe it. Please give me something to believe in!
  5. Couldn't you just release it as is? The source material is great, and I trust the mixers are proficient, so I can suck it up and adjust the volume by hand if necessary. I fear that if you attempt to make it immaculate, it shall never be done.
  6. I agree. And thankfully I still believe it'll be worth the wait.
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