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  1. Just got quintuple confirmed by the LA times and CNN and a grip of websites. He's gone.
  2. Fei does get it off a crumple if you dash in. I'm doing it right now. Everyone's ultra has diminished damage if you land it after a FA since the FA is part of the combo. Complaining about Fei's ultra is one thing, but the mechanic is in every other character. I'm not defending him, since I think he blows, just merely stating that your particular beef with his ultra is one all characters have. EDIT: Just did it with attack data up. If you do a full revenge meter ultra with Fei, it hits for 495 damage at 12 hits. With the addition of a level 3 focus, he does 485 damage for 13 hits. The damage r
  3. So let's debate semantics. A "standard FA" is what? level 1? Or crumple. If it is crumple then my analysis applies. If you don't dash into a crumple you miss the boat on 100% ultra effectiveness. If we're talking level 1 I don't think you can combo that into anything more than a jab/short as it lacks hit stun to chain anything with a larger start up rate. As far as I have seen in lord knows how many videos, Rog has Headbutt to ultra and that's it. He can punish fireballs too but that isn't a setup so much as a bait. Cammy hit's ultra after any juggle, FA or off a jump in. It does decent chip
  4. While I don't know why you wouldn't dash in after any focus attack, several characters have the same problem, including Cammy. Chun, Cammy, Rog, and Fei all juggle the target if you don't dash in. Other characters miss hits but still land the ultra, like Sagat and Bison. Any character with a cut scene off the first hit are given the full ultra (Honda, Sakura, Fuerte etc.) Cammy DOES land her ultra after a jump in, however, unlike fei who juggles unless they hit the ground completely.
  5. Too bad it wasn't a final. I'd pay money to see that.
  6. Should definitely be down for some matches on sunday

  7. Holla at me online: Gamertag: KotsToThePop if you're down to rumble sometime.

  8. And while I cry for Fei there are several characters whose only set up for ultra is FADCxxUltra. DJ was a Cammy player, hence my attention to that fact.
  9. Cammy's ultra is front loaded anyways. The last hit is practically superficial. It's far more beneficial to combo her ultra than it would be to save it for full effect. Fei's damage comes off of the third(or fourth, not sure) rekka, his ultra being most damaging in the final part.
  10. Ken's ultra has to hit point blank and Akuma's is pretty much avoidable unless someone skilled is using Akuma. You can combo Cammy's ultra into a grip of situations and has range. However you are playing a low stamina character so I can't really compare damage.
  11. I'm down for some friendlies. I need the practice against chun big time.
  12. Less than three bars is far safer. 2 bars is asking for murder. Even with three bars links are a pain to get off, especially if you got someone mashing on the other end.
  13. Everyone in Championship Mode that I've played runs away and plays like a bitch. I'm at 13K and they still do it. I plug in my 360 to play SF4 not tag.
  14. If the Gief is rocking lariat spam I just devil's reverse spam right back. It keeps me safe, does the same amount of damage as a roundhouse and generates meter regardless of it I hit the guy or not. You gotta be 100% attentive even if the guy is a simpleton. One botched advance and you end up eating SPD off a whiff.
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