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  1. Thanks for the reply, zircon. So lengthy, too! I can definitely see what you were going for, and definitely appreciate the execution. We'll see if I gain an additional appreciation for it on repeat listens, because I'm positive those are in the future. I also really like "On The Run". Feels almost like an 80's pop hit, in a good way. Idle City Street is also stunning. One thing I can say generally is I'd never have thought I could love an album with metal, flamenco, D&B, and orchestral, also borderline Vaudevillian jams coexisting as much as I love this one. Stunning work, all.
  2. I still plan on remarking on some of the other pieces, but I wanted to remark on something while it's fresh in my mind. Dancing Mad is one of my favorite FF6 tracks, and I definitely see where you were going with it, Sixto and zircon, and it's cool, but...am I the only one who feels like there's an underlying malice in the original track that's sort of missing in "Demon, Fiend, and Goddess"? To me, the underlying malice is a huge part of the original track. I can see how you guys wanted to put some of your own flavor on it, and I can dig that, I guess I'll put it diplomatically and say it's
  3. All I can say is, TREMENDOUS work. I eagerly anticipate my physical copy, and while certain tracks are needing to grow on me, this is a glorious effort. Each and every one of you have my undying kudos, love, and gratitude. I'm so glad to have been able to contribute. Savage Triumph is totally "Pendulum does FF6" and I mean that as high praise. Also "The Impresario" blew my freaking gourd. Bohemian Rhapsody-esque, and positively amazing. I hope to have more detailed thoughts later, since I think the artists deserve it. <3 SF
  4. Welp. I had posted a $50 donation for this project and plan to do so again (and possibly more!) whenever the issue gets resolved and a working solution is found somewhere else. Props to EVERYONE, from djp to zircon to Square-Enix for working so hard to come to a solution. Whatever the case, I look forward to donating again and HOPEFULLY getting a physical copy of what I'm positive will be a stunning product.
  5. Not to come off like a white knight here but this is an incredibly prickish post. OCR has been making free music for over 10 years and it's all been amazing. I personally thought the Kickstarter and the whole idea of the limited edition physicals and other rewards was, and is, an incredibly fun idea, and so I hope there's a way it can continue. Do you give crud to NPR for doing donation drives? Because frankly it's the exact same thing in spirit. Now that I'm done feeding the (possible) troll, I just wanted to apologize to those in charge for seeming antsy and/or the speculation that I pe
  6. This is all well taken it's just really weird to me. Pretty much for the exact reason you mentioned. I guess technically it has to do with profiting (emphasis on technically) from someone else's work, but an artist doesn't need permission for a cover as long as they give credit to the original writer/composer right? I realize remixes aren't covers but if anything that should reduce the copyright confusions. I dunno, it's just weird. Sorry, I'm speculating. I'll stop that now.
  7. This is really irritating. I was really looking forward to this. Oh well, I trust that you guys can resolve it. Maybe you can use excess funding to buy the rights of the music?
  8. Speaking as someone who did, I absolutely am, I only mentioned a mailing as a possible means of communication since I don't check the forums that often these days. But heck, maybe this'll give me reason to.
  9. While I'm thinking about it, and forgive me if I'm getting ahead of myself, but is there any way you guys can send out a mass email once this issue gets (hopefully) resolved letting people know that it's back in motion, where they can donate, if they need to resubmit pledges, etc.? Just a thought, hope it gets resolved soon.
  10. Friggin lame, yo. I had put in my $50 and hope to again as soon as this issue is resolved.
  11. Holy wow. This is slick as the dickens. I logged in just to say that.
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