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  1. My God this thing is still going lol. any how nomination. Omega Pirate on hard mode ridly on hard mode adn yes metriod prime on hard mode all from well metriod prime lol...... Fear these people for they are the end of your world lol.
  2. hahaha that omega has been mentioned so many times. i only went against him twice. first time i instaltly died( damn level 100 they shoudl leave it at 99) second time i got murdered adn i havent tried since haha. personally the first time i found ruby had and heck even emeradl before i figured him out lol. ever notice thoguh that the final bosses for final fantasy are gettign dumber and dumber
  3. ok is any one else getting false messages cause ever time i get a message that some ons posted it is the same thing?
  4. no way i just heard soem one say nemisis was hard. nemisis was a wuss. i had no extended life or any thign and i kicked his ass easyly. all it takes is every one knowing quick hit 3 final weapons and a whole lot of aeons being sacrificail lambs hahaha. nemisis was a major disapoint ment after all that work i did to unlock him. coem to think of it omega dosen;t even deserve the name omega cause he was a wuss too.
  5. greater shpere was pretty hard and so was that gigantic flan adn nega elemental . alll the ones that reacted with ultima . i beat them but didnt; have any extra life jsut the normal 9999
  6. yeah having the grenade cut and a quick trigger / reload button lol but the empror and magicain weren;t no easy walk in teh park neither
  7. Ha ha i remeber that boss and yeah he was a pain in the ass to beat. i woudl have to say he was the hardest boss fo the game. adn for all that work what happnes you find ou tit was all a dream lol. you shoudl at least get teh girl
  8. Dude just because it sports shinging force two characters it is cool. and how can you say that last battle was hard i mean that was an easy battle. it was no diff from what the y did in the first one. they mad you figfht dark sol then dark dragon but in the first on you had enimes that coudl apear. in teh second one you didn't the only battle that was remotly hard was the battle with odd eye and thats cause he coudl hit you crom a good distance plus you had to figure out how to get around the thing and avoid from falling
  9. First of all omega weapon was in teh castle not the underwater thing. you ar refering to ultimate weapon. any how you had problems with jumbo cactaur? man that is sorry he was one of the easiest bosses in teh game i mean a few of irvines specails and he was trhough.
  10. that ones easy all you have to do is make sure you are a good level and have plenty of arua and also make sure you have teh lion heat. a few lion heats and the guys dead also have irvine and use fast ammo ( if you have a controler with turbo that really helps lol) and it shoudl be a peice of cake
  11. Final boss of sonic blast man 2 . Well not the final final boss but the guy that looks liek blast man he was hard as hell expecailly on hard. It took me forever to beat him.
  12. How about the last boss to streets of rage three. that guy was hard ( i am talkin about the final mister x robot at the end of the factory) i mean beating it is one thign but beating it in the time limit that gets to be difficult.
  13. lol kefka? an offering and a genji glove took care of him in one round. altime hardest woudl have to be either ruby or omega weapon from ff8. i woudl mention the omegas on x but they were how shall i put it REALLY GAY and easy.
  14. LOL check the chocobo bredding part of yoru guide ( if you have one ) if not go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/game/20052.html and read the faq on chocbo breeding and on any thign else you might need and as for the rose and the harp. well teh harp gets you thee master materias( master magic command and summon) which lets you use any i mean all spells and the rose gets you a gold chocobo. (^)_(^) any thign else?
  15. Nope its true its up in teh north east part of the map yo uneed a gold chocobo to get it it has the all powerfull knights of the round table materia in it. as you can tell from the name all 13 knioghts ( aurthur included) coem out and attack from 9999 which is good but on ruby it won;t work cause you will get countered wit ultima. and you get teh the dang i forget what you get for beating emerald of yeah the desert harp. and you get the dessert rose from ruby
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