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  1. Nice beat and great sounding.. It's really nicely done.. The voices add the concept of 'time management' as others have said which puts it higher in my books.. I would say that is a great remix and that you would probably like it, techno fan or not..
  2. Brings back memories! Great song... Now i wish i had my old copy of Super Mario 3.... darnit...
  3. When it started it was like ok... but after the first time is nice and catchy.. great song!
  4. For some reason I dont really like a lot of Jazz but this one is good in my books... I guess it could be my mom blasting it and i got tired of it, but anyway... Nicely done! I would recommend this, nice flow..
  5. Great sounds and stuff, not much else i can say... Nicely done, recommended, wish i had more cd's to put these songs on.. *sigh*
  6. I like this, nice and soothing.. I'm hoping it'll calm a beast of mine... Very nicely done! in my thoughts..
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