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  1. Ok, let's see here... First off, I'd like to say Hello, everybody, I'm new to the whole "getting old NES game music remix" world. And now - I have two versions of the MM2 intro remix. This one by Injury, and the other one called "Opening Distraught" by Penopticon. I find Injury's remix so much more appealing, since it includes the "scaling the building" music and the teleporting sequence, as it is in the original soundtrack. The thing I like about the intro scaling music Injury remixed is that it sounds innocent, in a way, and when it finishes, it goes into a really upbeat, fast movement. Once it reaches the end, and I hear the teleporting sequence go, that just takes me into "nostalgia" land. This remix actually makes me want to pull out my cartridge of MM2 and play it right away (and hook up those old NES RF adapters? I think NOT!) So, I just play this song, including several other Mega Man remixes, over and over while I surf the net. Comparing with "Opening Distraught"(OD) - Well, My first impression of "Opening Distraught" was "cool title". Then, as the remix started up, I thought "Where's the volume?" I thought it was pretty good, however. Anyway, when I DL'd "The Tallest Building" (TTB), I had to play both, one after the other (usually kept OD before TTB on the playlist.) Just tonight I've made my choice to keep TTB in my playlist, due to reasons I stated in the above review of it. Great remix, Injury! Keep up the good work, I hope to see more rockin' remixes from you.