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  1. Favorite schmup: Space Megaforce (a.k.a. Super Aleste) Favorite recent schmup: Jamestown First schmup: Life Force I still play Space Megaforce and Ikaruga every couple of months depending on how much time I have. Currently, I have UN Squadron loaded into my Super Nintendo... I bought a used Dreamcast just so I could play Giga Wing... Honestly, I'm not really that good at schmups, I just think that they're one of the purest forms of gaming still around these days.
  2. This. Completely. I still listen to The Matrix [Grid] songs on occasion. I have a huge collection of his music from the old MP3.com website loaded on my mp3 player and archived somewhere on an old hard drive or CD. Lo and behold, I'm perusing the recent submissions for anything that might catch my ear and I see a familiar name. One listen and I realize IT'S THE SAME CYNIC PROJECT remixing one of the most beloved (yet rarely remixed) videogame themes around. Sauceome!
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