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  1. Well, not that anyone responded, but I now _have_ the 'other' track in question, and on second thoughts I don't think it is a reworking of this tune. It still rocks hard though, and I'm damn glad I found it. What else have you got DJ Crono? _If_ that's your real name.
  2. I can't really add anything that hasn't been said before (I don't know art, only what I like), but having said that it'd be somewhat cheap if I posted without saying ANYTHING remotely reviewish, so... Well, gosh, I dunno, I'm a big fan of all Crono's works thus far. Eres Des Points blew me away when I first heard it (a feat only Ailsean, pretzel, and a select few others have been able to pull off) and none of his other works have let me down. I would never preclude my love of music to one or two genres. Admittedly, I am a big fan of orchestral arrangements, but that wouldn't be fair to a large
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