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  1. Alright, first I'm gonna start off by saying thank you for remixing something from MGS2. But in contrast to that, I'd like to say- What the heck have you DONE, man?? Ok, that's a bit harsh I admit. But seriously, "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday" (the ending theme of mgs2 which was used, and isn't really that hard to get a hold of, djpretzel), which is pretty much jazz/soul, mixed with syth?? Honestly, how would that look at the end of MGS2 when all the (silent) scenery of NYC slides by at a nice even pace, TRYING to give an overall feel or relaxation and peace, but with synthesized beats over it? I dunno, maybe I'm just a hopeless Metal Gear fanatic, but I think the original 7:37 Cant' Say Goodbye To Yesterday, with nice relaxing piano and sax music, put over the slow scrolling of the ending images, gives more of a feeling of accomplishment and tranquility. And ok, I KNOW it's a remix and that it's not supposed to neccessarily fit in with the game, but still, I'm anal about things like this. And remember, this is only my opinion, so take that however you want. ...But I say again-- :vomit: