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  1. now don't get me wrong -- i love the songs that have been in final fantasies 8, 9, and 10 -- but this guy can put emotion into words, guitar, and rhythm. i loved this song when i first heard it. every time i listen to it again and again, it gets better for me. for years of my middle-school life, final fantasy 4 (or 2, as i knew it then on the snes) was the game for me. i played through it so many times that i had at one time had the entire dialogue scripted somewhere and i even wrote a sort of fanfiction telling of the entire adventure. so, to hear silent make this lovely ode is like a sort of dream come true for me. all i can ask, silent, is "can you do something like this for final fantasy 8?" i have had the honour of playing all the fnatasies and 8 still holds true to my heart as my favourite. it would be great if you could make something like this regarding squall and rinoa. well, not that listeners have any reason in this place but there's my two cents. keep up the awesome work, silent!