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  1. Nice find! I agree, their style isn't the same... plus they're apparently more focused on lyrics than remixing. I'm content with what has been found at this point. Perhaps some day the real artist will come along and rightfully take credit... With some proof.
  2. Unsolved Mysteries-style: UPDATE! (or Tourette's Guy to those few who know)... I am reasonably certain now that this remix originated from B4G.com, back when it was still working 2000-era. Apparently it was similar to OCR in the respect that guests of the website were allowed to post game music remixes or tributes. Verifying who actually posted it is now impossible, so I will credit this remix to "Beatz 4 Geekz" with the generic title of "Marble Madness Remix". And on a more humorous note... I contacted MySpace's "B4G" and concluded he is certainly NOT the creator of the remix. His first reply to my inquiry concerning the remix was: Ok, first of all, I mentioned its origin was 2000/2001, so him claiming it was "so long ago" simply plays off what I already told him. Second, if he was the creator of this remix, you would think the following 2 facts would apply: 1) Look at this guy's pictures... he's what... late teens at the oldest? If he created this remix, he would have been in his PRE-teens, and if that were the case, he would've amounted to something more than a mediocre rap artist on MySpace. 2) Listen to his songs... they clearly do not express the same quality and production capacity to match that of the remix. And given his currently exhibited creations, it's no wonder he'd attempt to claim responsibility for better material. And then the classic end-all reply from him: Ha ha ha... ah yes, what better way to claim responsibility for a remix by claiming you have no proof to show ownership? Second... "your only copy" was stolen? And I guess your computer blew up too, shortly after? Lastly and most obviously, if anyone stole your material and re-posted it online using YOUR NAME, clearly that person is as mentally degenerate as the one who attempted to claim responsibility for the remix in the first place. I roll my eyes at his false claims of previous ownership. And to finish it off, here's the Mp3 again, this time titled slightly more accurately: Beatz 4 Geekz - "Marble Madness Remix" And here was a small (terrible quality) video concerning "Beats 4 Geekz" towards the beginning: http://31337videos.com/google/gamespot_tv_20_beatz_4_geekz/3911722107971317433.php
  3. Thanks for checking and your information. This has opened up some new leads, but first... does your Mp3 have any ID3v1/2 tags or any other embedded information? I long since embedded new tags and am unable to check the originals. As far as "B4G"... I've found that it also might refer to B4G.com, now defunct but apparently was "Beatz 4 Geekz" and tributed video game music. The only other music related reference was "B4G" on MySpace, although I'm doubting it's related.
  4. Marble Madness did have several awesome tracks. I checked the current VGMix.com, but there's nothing Marble Madness related. I attempted to backtrack the old VGMix website via Archive.org but apparently VGMix is using a Robot.txt file to block archiving. And somehow I doubt the members at VGMix are going to know much about a mix created over 7-8 years ago. Asking this community is going to be my best shot.
  5. When Napster was a necessity in 2000/2001, I downloaded a Marble Madness remix (NES Game). The Mp3 I downloaded did not include any information concerning who created the remix, nor did the file name elaborate. Here is the Mp3 for reference: Download "Marble Madness Remix" I've checked this website's database of Marble Madness remixes, but cannot find a match. I'm interested in knowing the name of the artist who created it and perhaps a title of the remix so I can accurately title it in iTunes (and to give proper credit in the compilation mixes I've put together). I've searched YouTube, a dozen Google pages, and game remix websites like OCR but haven't found a match. So does anyone out there possibly have any information concerning this remix?
  6. To avoid repeating myself, please scroll up a few lines, or simply click THIS to read my previous comments concerning this remix. I was putting together another compilation CD of game theme remixes, and came across DJ Crono's "Simon's Symphony" once again. And I thought to myself... wouldn't that be a great song to include on the CD? ...if only that damned amateur rapping wasn't messing the song up tremendously! So I've solved that problem, and abridged the remix. In this shortened (but much improved) remix, the lyrics shall no longer disturb the quite decent instrumental. Enjoy the download below. Castlevania II - (Simon's Symphony by DJ Crono [abridged by DJ Jake]).mp3
  7. First, let me say I haven't read all 5 pages of comments, so it's likely that what I'm about to say has already been said. Everything up to 0:53 is nice. If fact, it's the best part... and I'd hate to say, but it's downhill from there. But I really do like the first 53 seconds. But right at 53, the trumpet kicks in, and it's too loud and doesn't seem like the best sound to be using in a beat like this. 1:15 to 1:36 is good. Hooray for no trumpet. 1:36's vocals are subtle enough so they don't interfere with the remix, so that's okay. But at 1:46 I think everything falls apart. Don't get me wrong, I like rap, I make rap, I've got nothing against rap (except mainstream crap), but the rap here just seems terribly out of place. I briefly read that no one could understand the lyrics... if they were recorded/mixed properly, there'd be no need to post the lyrics. While the lyrics sound as if they have some potential, it's still very amateurly performed and mixed. No offence... you want sincere criticism, come to me, I'm an ass, but I tell it to you straight. All in all, be happy you got me to comment about it, most remixes won't motivate me enough to comment. But anyway, I do like most of the instrumental, and Castlevania II is one of my favorite vintage NES games. DJ Jake
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