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  1. Well, the thing about Silent Hill is that it literally descends you into the depths of madness, which is, needless to say, quite unnerving. And it's not like the sanity gimmick in Eternal Darkness where you can just cast a couple spells and you're good as new. Like the characters, you have to wade through some of the most mentally disturbing stuff you've ever experienced without losing your mind, and there is no easy way out. What's worse, all of it has the tinge of human atrocity all over of it. You have to look at all the horrible things human beings can and have done to each other, whic
  2. True. His lines after Eddie's death are: "Eddie.... Eddie! I... I killed a... a human being... A human being... Mary... Did you really die three years ago...?" (From the SH 2 on Gamefaqs.com) Still, it's a bit of grief, albeit tiny.
  3. No problem. I wrote it for the sake of discussion. And as long as it adds stuff, like yours did, and not "You r teh suck," it's perfectly fine. I can see a lot of that. Certainly, the mannequins do have feminine aspects and do seem to represent somewhat his sexual frustrations. For example: The Pyramid Man rape scene. If the PM is a representation of James and the mannequins are a representation of his sexual frustrations, it certainly gives the scene a lot of context. Also, one of the little unsaid things is that while Mary was very sick, she and James couldn't, you know, do it. T
  4. Well, I'm seeing the world of Silent Hill 2 as something of a pergutory for James. Not in the Christian sense, but more in the sense as it was somewhat presented in the Asian movie The Eye. The belief that plays a major part in that movie is that people who commit suicide stay on Earth as spirits who constantly repeat the act until they come to grips with what they've done. We know James commits suicide in one of the endings. However, it's ambiguous whether it happens before or after the events of SH 2 since the letter James is supposed to get after Mary dies is being read over the endin
  5. I'm probably the fiftieth guy to have done this, but I have just dropped into the thread and read all the previous ones. Anyway, I kind of have a short list hardest bosses, some may have been mentioned fifty times, some may not. Death-Castlevania I can beat Death on every other Castlevania, but I cna't beat him! Why?! Maybe it's because I rely on the whip and never use secondary weapons, but it wasn't so much Death as the full room of Knights and Medusa heads before him that made it hard. Jacquio (sp?) Ninja Gaiden- Like Castlevania, I can beat every other sequal of the these games, but n
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