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  1. Square doesn't own Zelda, and it is not a legal nightmare. In order to sell your arrangement, you find out who owns the piece (rights to distribute), and contact them with regards to permission to arrange. One arrangement is all you need to sell it to specific ensembles. The best way to do this is to sell it to individual bands/ensembles, and have them cover the legalities, while you just get paid for the arranging. This is what I do. http://www.musicforall.org/resources/copyright/ They have a lot of info on who owns what and who holds which rights. If you need help, ask me via AIM. I'm
  2. Very nice job. If this was a little longer (min 4 mins) it'd make an excellent indoor drumline show, you could add full synths too. You could get copyright permission and sell this to high schools. I can tell you were in marching band at a school with a good pit.
  3. I would love to see the sheet music to this, I could turn this into an excellent part of a contemporary marching band show.
  4. Seconding this. Oh, and including a China Cymbal roll please
  5. I've come up with a show concept, and have about 1/4 of it done and ready to listen to. I'm looking for opinions, and will update periodically. One note, I do not write drumline parts. This would be left up to a band to get an arranger 1. Pre-show (Final Fantasy Prelude). http://www.tindeck.com/audio/files/edyw-Preshow.mp3 The pit moves equipment on the field and begins to play, as the rest of the band marches on. The woodwinds come in first, followed by low brass, then high brass. This is kind of an on field warmup, but sets the mood for the show. 2. Part 1 (Save Them! Final Fantasy 6
  6. University of South Carolina has a pretty good one
  7. There's moving tuba parts, but drawing from a Pipe organ, not many of the parts move, so I had to quote other pieces in there too (Second Suite in F, baritone passing to tuba quote). I've been working with it trying to make the parts a little more moving at the lower end. The high brass I'd love for this to be on the field, but I have to find a corps willing to play it, this was just done as a hobby. Plus, there's the issue of copyright permission if it was to be performed. I have NO idea how that works with this type of thing. But I do plan to email around and see what some corps think o
  8. I think I've been a little vague on the style of arrangement I'd like to do, so here's a few examples: http://www.yataforluda.com/shows/aqua.htm http://www.yataforluda.com/shows/pureimagination.htm http://www.yataforluda.com/shows/transitions.htm http://www.yataforluda.com/shows/youneverknow.htm Pretty much the style I'm shooting for. This guy is my favorite arranger for band stuff, but I really thin video game music is under-done. I've seen Mario music performed, and the music from Tetris (as part of a Russian themed show), and heard about a Final Fantasy show, but that's the extent of it.
  9. Sounds good too. I'm also looking for some slower material, too. It doesn't have to initially sound like a march or a fanfare, it can be just about anything you want it to be. It's just what you guys would be interested in seeing put on a field, there's no limits If the Cadets (DCI) can march the music of Björk, the Twilight Zone, Kill Bil, Original Music, and Vertigo all in the same show, that gives you an idea of the limits Edit: I really like the Zophar's Domain theme, and I think I'm going to use it. Anyone else, reviews on my drum corps piece of Dancing Mad?
  10. Really the hardest part about doing game music for a band like this, is that most game music is designed to repeat seamlessly. There's really no ending to most of it, except for specific things. These are all good ideas though, thanks guys
  11. Thanks so far guys. The Halo 2: Earth City and "The Oath" from FF8 sound like really good ideas, I just need a lot of ideas that I can start combining things into one show. Here's a MIDI of the show I arranged for Drum & Bugle Corps, with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6: http://www.mygwd.com/QuadsTest.mp3 It's not totally complete (drum parts mostly, I'm not the best with writing for drumline), and it was my first full length arrangement.
  12. I arrange music (not really remix like is the style on the forums here) for marching band, drum & bugle corps, and concert ensembles, and I'm looking for some suggestions on what game or games I should do next as a concept for a show. I've already done a combination of Chrono Trigger and Dancing Mad from FF6 (I'll post an audio clip soon, it's in Finale instruments, so not exactly pretty sounding to the standards here). Now this isn't quite marching band music like people think of, with Sousa typical marches, etc. This is competitive DCI and BOA style. Examples: http://video.google.com/v
  13. Thanks for the help guys. Garritan's marching library in theory sounds good, I hope it turns out well. Being a Horn player myself, I really really have a hard time finding samples I like.
  14. I'm looking for some suggestions on what brass samples to use, orchestral brass or marching brass either way. The samples thread had latin/bigband style, but I'm not looking for that right now. Any suggestions?
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