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  1. Hey Guys... I am shocked that I received about 60 personal emails either asking for sheet music or just to comment - so for starters, I wanted to thank everyone for being so nice again and also for wanting to play it for themselves. I guess I'll do some more piano arrangements, lol. I only learn and write music by ear, I do not read music; mainly because I taught myself how to play piano and never took lessons. So this is my solution for those who want it.. I don't know how (or if it's even possible) to post files on a thread, so, if anyone emails me at magickal7@aol.com, I will send them the MIDI file of the piano part for Dr. Wily's Wedding. It was not sequenced, just played 'live' and is the exact notation of the MP3. So don't expect the time signature to be correct, or the tempo - just print out the sheets and go with the flow. Thanks everyone! - Jayson Litrio I am awaiting 3 new OC posts, as well as working on a new piano arrangement and a secret side project for OC. Future is bright!
  2. I just wanted to respond to all of you guys and thank you for all of your kind, warm, and generous comments. I was a little unsure at first how people would take this one, and I'm very excited to hear that people are enjoying it. I'm truly Looking forward to the BB as this is my first post, and looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say (positive or negative) about my future contributions, as I will def. be posting remixes and comments quite often from now on. Once again, thanks for making my day and for everybody that emailed me a personal message. Game music forever!
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